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Footloose and fancy-free

Being fifty-something, I love free entertainment.

Free events keep me amused and off the streets without making a dint in the “rest-egg”.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to pay for entertainment, and often do. We just like to mix it up a bit. There are some great free events out there where you can learn heaps, experience new things and stay connected with your community. You just have to keep an eye out for them.

Today, at the brilliant Geelong waterfront precinct, within walking distance of home, we (Mr P and me) found two such opportunities.

First was the Sustainable Home and Garden Expo, a showcase of products and organisations geared towards sustainability – something we are VERY interested in. Lots of marquees lined up on the grassed area beside the bay – beautiful!

Waterfront Sustainable Expo

There were a few celebrities floating about. We resisted the urge to stalk them but I did snap this pic of Josh and Jenna. Apparently they starred in the reality renovation TV show, The Block (not something we tuned in to).

josh and jenna

We certainly enjoyed their presentation today with tips and tricks for home renovators. Lots of cost-effective reno’ ideas to get us motivated.

There was a schedule full of presenters on a range of topics. After an hour or so we grabbed our freebies (a bucket, a garden plant, water bottles, shower timers and more!) and headed to the nearby yacht club to the Wooden Boat Festival.

Part of the attraction here was access to the yacht club marina, usually reserved for club members. We got much more than we expected.

The place was bursting with wooden boats of all shapes and sizes, all ages and types and all states of repair.

wooden boat festival

There were vintage yachts, speed boats, a replica Portuguese caravel, a tall ship, couta boats and more.

There were displays from boat builders, model boat builders, rope makers and more.

There was live music and a shipload of ambience.

We had quite a chat to the owner of this little beauty:

inboard steam engine

I hadn’t really thought about the technology that preceded outboard motors. There it is – the inboard steam engine. Takes half an hour or so to build up the steam and then off you head, stoking the little boiler with timber as you go.

Here she is out on the bay in full action:

inboard steam engine on bay

The Geelong waterfront was abuzz with people today, all out sharing in the free fun and finding their own special joys amongst everything on offer.

One more stop for us. What better way to celebrate a fabulous “free” day than call into the Chifley Hotel on the way home for (paid-for) beer, wine and an idyllic view back across the bay?

chifley drinks


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