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Picking your battles. Smartly.

Being fifty-something, I know how to pick my battles.

When the sparky knocked on my door today, ready to install our new smart meter, I’d already determined this was one battle I wasn’t suiting up for.

If you’re not Victorian, you might not know the history of smart meters. In a nutshell, they’re new electricity meters being rolled out to every Victorian home, supposedly to give us better analysis of our power use and therefore help us conserve energy.

There are many unanswered questions about the technology including safety, functionality and whether the initiative itself reflects a “nanny state” mentality.

Some folk (maybe up to 10%) are refusing to have smart meters installed at their homes.

My take on it is that they are inevitable. I don’t know enough about them to argue a case for refusal, and I’m not interested enough to spend more time researching my options.

I’ve decided to just accept the change, without making a fuss. It’s quite liberating. I’m not wasting my energy debating it in my head anymore. I’m just accepting it.

Smart Meter manual

So, as of today, I have a smart meter. It looks much safer and more efficient that the tired, vintage model it replaced. And that could be the end of the story, except …

More and more, I think picking your battles wisely is a mark of maturity. It not only fosters longer relationships and stronger friendships, it releases you from negative energy and frees you up to focus on doing things you love and enjoy. You don’t get trapped in anger and frustration as often; instead you simply accept some things for what they are.

It fits in nicely with the “don’t sweat the small stuff” mantra.

It’s the opposite of “grumpy old woman” syndrome. (And none of us want to go there, right?)

Don’t get me wrong, I stand up and fight for the things I really believe in. A principle is a principle. But every person with a principle has a limit and knowing where your limits are is a very grown-up thing.

I’m saving my energy for things that are important, things that matter to me and things I feel strongly about.

Maybe I’m being complacent. Maybe I’m being lazy … or maybe I’m simply choosing my battles wisely.

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