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Getting my herb on. Imagine that.

Being fifty something, I’ve cooked with dried herbs, frozen herbs, herb-infused oils and creamed herbs (that’s what I call those ones you buy in tubes in the fruit and veg department at the supermarket).

Nothing beats fresh herbs so it’s time to flip my green thumb out of my back pocket and get on with it!

I’ve nurtured various iterations of herb gardens over the years, from little self-watering plastic pots on the kitchen sill through to a corner garden bed devoted to all things culinary.

THIS time, given our current garden setup which is very light-on for diggable space, I’m opting for a (ubiquitous) terra cotta pot herb spot, which panders to my penchant for that classic yet rustic French provincial feel – very ambitious in my garden, believe me.

I’ve recycled some old, empty pots and picked up an assortment of herbs at the local nursery. Too easy. Here’s how it looks at first planting:

herb garden first planting

What do you see? Basil, mint, parsley and thyme, perhaps?

I see crunchy home made pesto, tiny crystal jugs of mint sauce, flavoursome minestrone in full garnish and picnic platters piled high with beetroot and thyme muffins.

My imagination runs away with my appetite when I see a herb garden. The aromas fuel all sorts of culinary ideas.

My wicked plan is add to the herb varieties in my little terra cotta pot herb spot over the coming months … then free my imagination go wild in the kitchen with some fresh herb-inspired recipes.

Nothing tastes better than home-grown.

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