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Why I don’t bake (much).

Being fifty-something, I have identified some of my strengths. Baking is not one of them. It’s not like I haven’t tried to be a kitchen goddess. I’m still trying … I’m just not expecting too much. Why? You know those road intersections labelled as blackspots? They usually have signs on their approach warning drivers they… Continue reading Why I don’t bake (much).

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The taming of the shoes (and tshirts)

Being fifty something I should probably have perfected certain nifty domestic systems. Not so. I still struggle with effective storage, especially when it comes to my shoes and clothes. I simply have more stuff than fits in the available wardrobe and drawers space. Recently I read that Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, the online shoe… Continue reading The taming of the shoes (and tshirts)

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Banana prices, pretty plates and timely poetry

Being fifty-something, I remember when bananas cost 25c a pound (or was that a kilo? Or was that 25p?) I also remember (more clearly) last year when Cyclone Yasi (or was that Larry?) wiped out the North Queensland banana crop, driving banana prices up to $15 a kilo. Almost overnight, bananas disappeared from our fruit… Continue reading Banana prices, pretty plates and timely poetry

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Scarves … every which way (but loose)

Being fifty-something, I thought I knew every which way (but loose) to wear a scarf. Not so. I love this video clip which demonstrates 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf. I’ve counted thirty-two (yes, 32!) scarves in my collection. Using Wendy’s video tips, that gives me some 800 combinations – and that’s just the scarf.… Continue reading Scarves … every which way (but loose)