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Oh, f*ck it … I do need a bucket list!

Being fifty-something, I hear a lot of dinner party conversation around bucket lists. You know, the all-important list of things you want to do before you die (or kick the bucket).

I’ve always found the bucket list conversation quite competitive – more about who can come up with the remotest travel indulgence or the most altruistic experience, rather than dialogue about how you’re going with your list. So much pressure! As if the mortality-in-your-face notion of a bucket list isn’t pressure enough.

I’ve always thought a bucket list should be a mix of ambitious, life-changing to-dos along with simpler, can-do tick-off-ables. While thinking big and dreaming larger are admirable, goals need to be achievable. Otherwise I’m just going to lose interest and move on to something else.

It all seemed a but hard so I’ve totally avoided a formal list … up until now. But, if I’m blogging about being fifty-something, I need to get with the program. That means research to see what’s hot in bucket lists.

Here’s a couple of resources I found.

This bucketlist website gives you space to make your own list, browse what’s hot, check out the Top 20 list ideas and even join a tribe of like-mined bucket listers.

Squidoo offers a run-down of 1,000 bucket list possibilities, split into categories like travel, sport and home life. You’re sure to find some inspiration there.

If you’re a rookie bucket-lister (like moi), check out the Bucket List movie for some uber-motivation.

I also tracked down these motivational quotes for bucket listers. These would be a great smokescreen to roll-out if you’re unprepared when asked for a run-down of your bucket list (move the dialogue from nitty gritty task stuff to very impressive incentive talk):

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Zig Ziglar

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” Unknown

“If you’re bored with life and you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals.” Lou Holtz

Oh, f*ck it … I do need a bucket list! So here it is … the living, moving document that is MY bucket list. Yes, I’ve devoted a separate blog page to it … here’s a vignette of what I have so far.

What you see is just the beginning – a snapshot of the ideas and desires bubbling in my head. It will obviously require some serious list-pimping to meet the rigours of dinner party conversation ahead.

I’ll be adding to it often with new ideas and (hopefully) ticking things off at an astonishing rate.

Have you caved in to the idea of a bucket list? Go on … share. I’d love to know how you’re going with it.

3 thoughts on “Oh, f*ck it … I do need a bucket list!

  1. Bucket List… hmmm… I would love a bucket list to make sure I see and have lots of amazing experiences. But many of those things would require resources I don’t have presently. So I focus on building a list to remind me to explore the things that I didn’t have time to do when I was raising a family, like art, deeper relationship with my husband, and writing..for starters :).

    1. Thanks for popping by, Karen. Your list sounds like more of a “thinking woman’s bucket list”. I like that! You might have inspired me to re-visit my list, methinks. S. 🙂

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